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Gaana is India’s largest commercial music streaming service, with over 200 million monthly users. Launched by Times Internet in 2010, it Game Passstonerwired provides both domestic and international music content. It offers the entire catalog of Indian music to users around the world. You can listen to Indian songs online or download them to your computer.

To access Gaana’s vast library of songs, you need to sign up. You can register by email or phone. The signup page will require you to fill in your email address, password, and gender. You can also agree to the terms and conditions. After creating your account, you can anxnr sign into Gaana and start searching for your favorite songs.

Despite the number of users, Gaana’s free tier has ended, and the company is shifting its focus to paid subscriptions. According to Sachin Kamble, the decision comes after the company failed to attract new investments and a potential acquirer – reportedly Bharti Airtel – has declined to make an offer.

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