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The Negative Effects of Online Games to Students

Online games are very popular among students and can significantly affect their behavior. They can cause students to lose a sense of reality and social connections. Too much time spent playing video games can deprive students of time needed to complete their homework, interact socially, and learn. In addition, playing too many games at one time can lead to addiction. Those who become addicted to these games are likely to develop mental and physical health problems.

Addiction to video games may cause students to suffer from depression, social anxiety, and other problems. Many studies have shown a correlation between excessive video game play and depression. Studies also show a negative connection between video game play and low self-esteem. Most video game addicts are male; only 6 percent of them are female. These students tend to have poor self-esteem and are unhappy with their social lives. As a result, they often suffer from lower grades and a decline in their ability to perform in school.

While online games can be a great way to pass the time, many studies show negative consequences for students. For example, a recent study examined the impact of video game play on students’ interpersonal relationships. It found that children who spend a significant amount of time playing video games were more likely to have social anxiety than students who spent less time playing video games.

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