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The Impact of Online Games to Students in Grade Five

While the benefits of online games are undeniable, they also pose several risks. First of all, many students spend a lot of time playing them, which could cause them to lose focus and miss out on other activities. Second, students can develop unhealthy habits such as a lack of social skills and aggression. Third, students can get addicted to these games.

The study focuses on how online games affect social care of students in grade five. It adopts a qualitative research method and a case study design. Data were collected using a variety of primary and secondary data sources. Data collection techniques included observation, interviews, and documentation. Data analysis was performed using the interactive model of Miles and Hubiman to analyze the data collected.

For the purpose of this review, researchers gathered literature related to various scientific fields, including Information Technology, Management, and other areas. They also included articles with a focus on gaming as a pedagogical application. The articles should be in English or French. They should also adhere to the objectives of the study and the definition of games as pedagogical applications.

Research shows that the impact of online games on students is positive. However, if used improperly, it could have adverse effects. While casual games can provide entertainment, serious games can improve learning and retention. Therefore, these games should be used carefully and under the supervision of an instructor.

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