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Ruby Redfort Book 2

Ruby Redfort is a thirteen-year-old genius who’s an undercover agent and a code-cracker. Now she must survive an undercover assignment that’ll have her running scared and evading her enemies. With danger lurking everywhere, she’ll need all the help she can get to stay alive.

Ruby Redfort is the brilliant, code-cracking special agent and daring detective who’s a member of the top-secret SPECTRUM agency. She’s always been different, and she’s always noticed things that others miss. She’s also one of the smartest kids around, and when her genius abilities are discovered, she’s recruited to work for the agency. Along with her sidekick, a butler, Ruby falls into an all-action adventure.

Ruby Redfort’s sixth sense is what sets her apart from her fellow detectives. She’s a smart, savvy code-cracker who’s always calm in a expotab. Her keen observation of patterns and the use of codes help her uncover secrets. As she grows up, she learns more about the mysterious world around her.

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