Making Online Gaming As a Career

If you have an interest in games and are keen on developing your skills, online gaming can be the perfect career choice. The gaming industry is growing rapidly and there are many opportunities in this field. But to succeed in this career, you will have to work hard Hibooz and be willing to make sacrifices. Listed below are some things that you should be aware of.

Women are making their mark in the gaming industry and are becoming an important part of it. Currently, women make up more than half of the hyper-casual gamers and have contributed to the development of many games. According to the Think with Google APAC – Play Like a Girl Report, 2020, 18% of gamers in India are female and this figure is increasing.

Besides creating games, careers in gaming fashionnowdays industry can also be rewarding. You can work as a tester, designer, or marketer. There are many opportunities in the gaming industry and you can easily align your interests with your career goals. You may also be able to compete in paid tournaments and get noticed by major sponsors.

Another way to make online gaming as a career is to invest in an esports team. Many of the top esports teams have millions of dollars in turnover, which makes them financially lucrative. You can even buy your own esports team if you have the necessary financial resources.


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