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How Has Technology Played Its Part in Ladbrokes Planning?

As one of the UK’s largest betting companies, Ladbrokes has a wealth of data to draw from. This means that it has an opportunity to build a marketing strategy that is effective and engaging to a variety of customers. With plans to spend PS50 million on technology in the coming year, Ladbrokes is positioning itself for the future of gambling.

One project that Ladbrokes has undertaken is implementing RPA to automate its customer compliance, verification and payment reconciliation processes. This was a big challenge for the company and it made it difficult to implement a solution that was user-friendly. In addition, it proved difficult to implement the solution, resulting in the company’s employees manually repeating tasks. Ultimately,  tv bucetas the project ended in failure.

The company has also been experimenting with new technology. This year’s Ladbrokes campaign has made use of VFX for character replacement. Selected Works’ creative department has previously worked with the company on other projects, including the Drummers campaign and the Balloon campaign.

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